Rachel (loo_honey) wrote in hot__emo__fucks,

am i a hot emo fuck?

About Me:
Name: Rachel.
Age: 17
Location: Santa Clara
Sex: Feeeemale
Single/Taken?: single

10 Bands: heavyheaylowlow, ten falls forth, alesana, devil wears prada, cute is what we aim for, taking back sunday, silverstein, bayside, 30 seconds to mars, action action
5 Songs: eating the porridge, killing the bears ` HHLL, live forever in a day ` ten falls forth, discovering the waterfront ` silverstein, there's no I in team ` tbs, apology ` alesana.
5 Movies: american history X, donni darko, say anything, the notebook, she's the man
Quote?: if you love someone, tell them. tomorrow might be their last day on earth

Opinions on:
Teen sex: everyone has sex. well, most people. i don't see a proble, with teen sex. be safe about it. don't hurt anyone. even though you will get hurt.
Drugs: i smoke weed... thhat's it. i think hard drugs are stupid. i've seen what hard drugs does to you. and i don't like it. i will never put anyone through what i've been through because of drugs.
Alcohol: is fun. i drink. drink in moderation. alcoholic teens is not attractive. you think youre cool, but youre not.
Suicide:is lame. nobodies life can be that bad? no, i take that back. there are some people that are in difficult situations. like parents beating them... things like that. but i don't think suicide is the answer.
Cutting: is stupid. people that cut just want attention.
Straightedge: i hate it when kids put X's on their hands and state oevery five seconds that theyre straightedge. when youre a teenager youre SUPPOSED to be straightedge.
Homosexuality: to each his own. i have no problem with gays or lesbians.

What inspired you to join?: i was a little bored. im gonna have to level with you.
Why should you be accepted?: i think im pretty awesome. you would like me if you e

The 2 places/people you promoted in/to: http://community.livejournal.com/0000000000000ok/565605.html && http://community.livejournal.com/difrenticons/46009.html
At least 3 pictures:

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