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Am I a hot emo fuck

im sry i couldnt get it to cut ne suggestions

APPLIATIONName:Stephanie Age: 23
Location: Buffalo NY
Sex: fembot
Type your cut contents here.
Favorite: 10 Bands: Tool Nine inch nails The Doors A perfect circle Thursday saves the day Street sweeper social club kittie jack off jill ISIS
5 Songs: The beatles - a day in the life' Jack off jill - Everything is brown Tool - the grudge The spill canvas- Polygraph right now Snake river conspiracy- vulcan
5 Movies: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind boondock saints crank 1 and 2 Spawn American history x
Quote?: The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. Opinions on: Teen sex: Only if you know ur in love and if your smart about it. And also if your mature enough to handle that
Drugs: Weed and drinking evertything else is useless
Alcohol: Yummy
Suicide: Yeah thats very selfish
Cutting: people that are staving for attention mostly do it
Straightedge: I think its great if thats how you feel GOODFORYOU!
Homosexuality: Hey its your life do what makes you happy
What inspired you to join?:love taking pictures
Why should you be accepted?: because i think people would enjoy what i have to offer
The 2 places/people you promoted in/to: my friend luca and jenny
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