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am i a hot emo fuck?


Name: Bella.. but people usually call me Belka or something haha.
Age: 14.. but people tell me I look older.
Location: Brooklyn NY.
Sex: Female.
Single/Taken?: Single. and have been for quite a while.

10 Bands: hm. well... I love..

-Relient K



-Blink 182

-Good Charlotte [their songs are really good!]

-Fall Out Boy

-Sugar Cult



- and of course Slipknot

5 Songs: my favorite songs like change every week haha. but yeah.. currently..

Relient K- Who I'm Hates Who I've Been

Relient K- Apathatic Way To Be

Korn- Somebody Someone

Korn- Make Me Bad

Slipknot- Vermillion

5 Movies: hm.

- A Walk To Remember [it still makes me cry!]

-The Notebook

- The Outsidders

- Chasing Liberty

- Parents Trap, such a classic haha.

Quote?: hm.... well I always agree with the quote "what goes around comes around" and a quote that always keeps me going.. "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger"

Opinions on:
Teen sex: Personally, I won't go with it. But it's really your choice. I think it just causes a lot of chaos, I mean what if you turn out to be pregnant?
Drugs: I don't use them and I believe that they are really pointless.. yeah you feel good for a while, but after you feel worse than before.
Alcohol: I drink in occassion, and I'm not so against it, just drink at the right time and put yourself to a limit.. don't want to do stuff you will regret right haha.
Suicide: heh.. I think it's really sad that some people commit suicide because they believe that no one really cares. I mean.. once they did it.. you see so much people crying and actually caring.. and it's already too late for the person to see that. I think that everybody has someone that cares for them, you just have to open your eyes. It's really sad seeing so much people commit suicide :[
Cutting: heh. I mean.. I really hate it that.. like.. people do it for attention.. like "look at me, I cutt myself, I'm so cool" those people just are plain out... pathetic. but some people have reasons to, which i understand, but will the problem go away by doing it? i think crying is just a better option.
Straightedge: meaning prefences? Well I'm straight. and uh.. straight people are cool? haha. dont know what to really say to that.
Homosexuality: I'm not against people who like the same sex. those people are usually much nicer! haha. but i dont like it when people turn gay just because their friends are.

What inspired you to join?: the pretty people here ^.^
Why should you be accepted?: well.. uh.. i would be active.. as long as the community is.

The 2 places/people you promoted in/to: moviecommunity. ohnotheydidnt. the moviecommunity im the mod.
At least 3 pictures: uh. sure.

[IMG]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d159/youkillmewell1/Picture083.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d159/youkillmewell1/Picture055.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d159/youkillmewell1/sgs.jpg[/IMG] bleh. i dont know how to post an image here. it doesnt work :[
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