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so i finally got some new pics. : )



my friends. minus the lady in the red shirt and they guy in the brown jacket on the left. ( i dont know them. lol)

 my beezy/best friend jay r, me, and my bestesetest friend natalie.

serpa, me, my perdifulest ashley, and stephy!

new hair. i bleached "patches", i guess. on both sides.

 i look dumb.

 me and natalie met larry from my american heart at warped tour. we saw him when we were in long beach && when we were in sacramento. he signed my purse that you see there but some asshole stole it.

 i also met the unseen at warped tour in sac. : )

 i miss this boy more than anything && anyone in the whole world....

 he still holds the key to my heart even though he now lives almost 400 miles away..

i'm small and stupid.

 we are lovers not fighters. o yea. i love my friends.

i have to sleep now. i have school tomarrow.. college rocks. : ) yea... peace out  nigaligs.

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